Monday, June 7, 2021

Spreading the Word: Moral Injury & PTSD

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Ben Killoy on the Military Veteran Dad Podcast, and we spoke at length about Moral Injury.

When I first came upon research on Moral Injury by Brett Litz and his team, I was floored. I thought, how is it that no one is talking about this? That included other psychotherapists like me.

Ben and I spoke at length about how the difference between PTSD and Moral Injury. PTSD is rooted in fear—our brain performs mental acrobatics in order to keep us alive. Moral Injury, however, feels more nefarious because it is rooted in shame—it stems from events that violated our own deeply rooted expectations of ourselves and others. 

Moral Injury is born in the “should”—how someone “should be” treated or how things “should work”—in war and in life. These are the things we (or others) did or didn’t do—the things we can’t unfuck.

Research on Moral Injury tidily puts these into three categories: combat loss, perpetration, and leadership betrayal. We spoke at length about these three categories and what Evidence-Based Treatments help.

After the podcast, both Ben and I heard from several of his listeners. They expressed their surprise that Moral Injury is not a topic more widely discussed and were extremely thankful that we broached the topic.

One of these interactions has really stuck with me this week. A Silver Star recipient took the time to connect with us on our Facebook page. It was an honor to learn about his story and to know that, after listening, he has discovered a new tool to unlock his combat trauma. 

No one becomes a mental health provider for the money or the fame - but knowing that other Veterans are impacted by our work is far more valuable. Ben and I decided that we will do it again. This time, to really engage with our audiences, I’m reaching out to you. I want your ideas, feedback, and to know the questions you want answered.

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This is our Mission: a call to arms offering facts, empathy, and step-by-step instruction for Service Members to get the help they need, help family members to understand the battlefield, and connect civilians with a Warrior culture.

THANK YOU for caring about what we are doing and spreading the word about PTSD, Moral Injury, and recovery. Stay tuned for updates so you don’t miss this podcast when it goes live.


If you believe change is possible, you want to change, and you are willing to do the work, you absolutely CAN get your life back.”

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