Monday, July 26, 2021

Meet our translator: Marine Veteran Juan A. Quiroz

BIG NEWS - The Soldier's Guide to PTSD is being translated into Spanish! Accessibility for mental health is important. How excited we are to welcome our newest team member, USMC Veteran Juan A. Quiroz. It took two months to find the right translator for our project, and we reviewed dozens of applicants. Juan gets it, and we can't WAIT to share his work with you. To introduce himself, here is a message from Juan to you:

"I'm Juan A. Quiroz, native of Tucson, AZ. After high school, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served 4 years as part of 1st Bn 5th Marines, an infantry unit out of Camp Pendleton, CA. When I got to my unit, it had only been a couple of weeks since they came back from Afghanistan, Sangin Province. I witnessed the struggles these men faced upon their return and the issues associated with them. I had the honor and privilege to serve alongside some of the best men this country has to offer. After my enlistment, I enrolled in and attended the University of Arizona, graduating with degrees in Marketing, Communications and Spanish. I'm now working as part of the Communications Department in Pima County, AZ. - Make Peace or Die!

"I jumped at the opportunity to work on this project because of the lack of effective help available to all veterans and service members, especially from marginalized communities. I have friends who are part of the 22 a Day, other friends who to this day still struggle with their demons, this is for them. Coming from a town an hour away from the border with Mexico, there is a huge Hispanic community here, and like myself, many ended up joining the U.S. military. I did a podcast project in college about a Marine with multiple combat deployments, he was also part of the First Battle of Fallujah, a total badass this guy is. As part of the project, I interviewed his mother, she didn't speak English, therefore she is not familiar with any programs and services offered to help her son. A book like this one that Virginia wrote is a great tool, not only for minority service members and veterans, but also for their family members who before this, had no way of helping their loved one's suffering from PTSD."

We welcome Joan to the team and will let you know when our Spanish translation is available in print and audiobook. #ptsd #suicideprevention #nevergiveup


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